02 October 2011

Pagan Pop | Kate Rohde

Kate Rohde has been included in a group exhibition 'Pagan Pop' that opens 14 October 2011 at Canberra Contemporary Art Space. Other artist include: Celeste Aldahn, Tamara Dean, Julia deVille, Jessica Herrington, Robbie Karmel, Owen Lewis, Helen Shelley and Marian Tubbs.

Curated by Yolande Norris, 'Pagan Pop' invokes a collective nostalgia for a time beyond memory and a fascination with the unknown possibilities of the universe; A desire for all things natural, mystical and primitive, for crystals, gold and glitter, feathers, fur and bones. Triggered by technological saturation, this shared longing influences the output of the masses, infiltrating art and culture before manifesting as pre-packaged pop-culture trend.

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