31 August 2011

Deakin University contemporary small sculpture award 2011

Michael Doolan, Titania Henderson and Heather B. Swann have been selected as finalists in the Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award 2011. A winner will be announced on November 2. Stay tuned for news!

Michael Doolan then is not now (purple) 2010, enquire about this work.

30 August 2011

Alex Spremberg | New Exhibition @ PICA

Alex Spremberg will feature in a major solo show of new works, Wrong Angles, at PICA from 3 September until 30 October 2011.

In this exhibition, Spremberg seeks to integrate everyday materials such as cardboard boxes and newspapers into his paintings. Five new series of works will explore ideas around the distribution of consumer goods and the flow of information through the media.

Opening Friday September 2, 6pm.

27 August 2011

Marie Hagerty | Opening September 1

Marie Hagerty

31 August - 24 September 2011

Opening drinks
Thursday 1st September 6-8pm

2011, oil on canvas, 157.0 x 137.0 cm

26 August 2011

Rhys Lee | [1.85M] Art Peripheries

Last week we told you about 1.85 Million: Art Peripheries the new exhibition at Campbelltown Arts Centre featuring the work of gallery artist Rhys Lee.

We didn't make it up to Campbelltown for the opening but Rhys has just sent through some images of the site specific wall painting he made for the show and some installation views of his work. We thought we would share these with you.

20 August 2011

Nusra Latif Qureshi | National Portrait Gallery

Nusra Latif Qureshi who's work was included in our 2009 Figuration Now exhibition has been included in the Beyond Self exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

This exhibition examines the representation of the self in current South and Southeast Asian art practice through the work of artists from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand. Exploring the possibilities of portraiture, Beyond the Self includes painting, photography, sculpture, drawing and media works created from the early 2000s to the present.

Current until November 6 2011.

19 August 2011

Rhys Lee | Campbelltown Arts Centre

Rhys Lee features in 1.85 Million: Art Peripheries a new exhibition curated by Joseph Allen Shea and also featuring the work of Howard Arkley (Australia), Mohamed Bourouissa (France), Paul B. Davis (USA), Will French (Australia), Jesse Hogan (Australia), Miranda July (USA), Corita Kent (USA), Amanda Maxwell (Australia), Susumu Mukai (Japan), Garry Trinh (Australia).

1.85 Million: Art Peripheries will open this evening from 7pm at the Campbelltown Arts Centre with guest speaker: Anne Loxley, Curator C3West, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. The exhibition looks at cross-cultural and geographical comparisons and connections between social experiences of urban and suburban environments and includes number of newly commissioned works.

Join Rhys Lee, curator Joseph Allen Shea and artists Jesse Hogan and Amanda Maxwell for a discussion on Saturday 20 August, 1-3pm.

Campbelltown Arts Centre | 20 August – 23 October

Photo by Garry Trinh.

13 August 2011

Coming Soon | Marie Hagerty

We are very pleased to announce Marie Hagerty’s first solo exhibition at Karen Woodbury Gallery.

Hagerty’s paintings have been described as oscillating between the figurative and the abstract as forms appear familiar yet also indistinguishable.

The exhibition will consist of a suite of major paintings ranging in scale with a shift in palette from previous works. These new paintings are aesthetically stunning whilst technically complex, provoking a prolonged engagement with the viewer.

Please contact the gallery to arrange a preview, info@kwgallery.com

Marie Hagerty | 31 August - 24 September

2011, oil on canvas, 157.0 x 137.0 cm