10 June 2010

Lara Merrett tapestry to be unveiled

Lara Merrett has worked with the Victorian Tapestry Workshop to realise a significant tapestry work.  The tapestry was conceived in response to a poem written by Dr Francis Macnab, inspired by his desire to incorporate an important, and colourful work of art into the interior of St Michael's Uniting Church.  The poem became the inspiration for a series of three paintings, one of which was chosen to be the subject of this new tapestry.

Accomplished weavers, Pamela Joyce and Cheryl Thornton of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop worked for 16 weeks to complete the tapestry. The finished work is substantial and arresting with floating and ambiguous forms connecting against a luminous background. The work is titled, Celebrated Light, and is 150 cm x 150 cm.

Celebrated Light, will be unveiled at St Michael's Uniting Church, during service on Sunday June 20, 10am. Everyone is invited to share in the occasion.

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